Company History

1959 Established Shinyo Koeki Co., Ltd. for export mission of Dai-Ichi Shoji.
Opened Tokyo Branch.
1964 Launched to distribute Panasonic products in Guam
1986 Due to appreciation of Japanese Yen to US Dollar,
started research and development of foreign products.
Terminated distribution of Panasonic products in Guam
1987 Launched to introduce Korean products in South Pacific markets.
1988 Opened branch office in Seoul, Korea for business extension of Korean products.
Appointed agencies in Thailand and Indonesia.
1989 Extended to carry Thailand product for South Pacific markets.
Opened Sapporo Branch to supply import products in Hokkaido area.
1990 Launched to import and distribute furniture of Indonesian made in Japanese domestic market.
1991 Launched to import and distribute Korean products in Japanese domestic market.
1995 Kobe Earthquake Disaster
1997 Closed Sapporo Branch to concentrate for export in more ratio including foreign products through triangular trade.
1998 Launched to supply paper products of Indonesian and Philippine made for South Pacific market.
1999 Launched to supply the products of Chinese and Hong Kong made in Guam, Saipan & Micronesian market.
2005 Closed Tokyo branch to concentrate business power at Kobe Head-Office.
2012 Started to participate ODA projects in Southern Pacific countries.