about Shinyo

SInce 1952…

About Shinyo

Shinyo Koeki has an extensive network of specialists on many of the specific areas

We “Shinyo Koeki” has been serving the pacific community as trading expert since 1952.
Throughout the years, we have continued to support pacific community with high quality products from Japan, Korea, USA, China, New Zealand, Australia and products from many other countries.

  • Generators
  • Electrical systems such as desalination plants and solar panels
  • Batteries
  • Hotel equipments/Business equipments
  • Industrial machines
  • Information Technology
  • Regulatory Support

From foods to machinery, Shinyo Koeki is your one stop solution for your product needs.
Shinyo Koeki coordinates the knowledge for all clients’ needs with the marketing research of
the latest international/Asian/Pacific products and scientific advances in order to give them the best possible solution.

Top view of harbor with containers and cargo ships located near calm rippling sea water

Pacific trading experts since 1952.